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Writing Is Not A Set Goal

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Written by: S.A. Khan

Many a times people complain about lack of motivation or encouragement or even desire to write anything at all. They have stories and plot lines running in their mind, its all brimming and enliving but when it comes to penning them down…they simply can’t do it anymore and simply loose passion. A number of methods and tries and still they just cannot write anything. Why? What is the cause here? One may think it isn’t even a problem, all he/she has to do is simply take a pen and start writing! But the problem here is deep and connected with our way of thinking and in the manner we express it out. Any thought process when blocked, automatically blocks any feelings that comes alongside it and when a thought is blocked it dies with. So does the idea the writer has in mind which is the biggest crime any writer could ever do to itself and let it die within the constraints of its colorful mind, killing not just the idea but all the fictional characters within the plot line. Hence we have to get to the cause of this problem, why is it so and how can you change it?

When it comes to the art of writing and wanting to write something, its never the number of words you want to write that fills up for a content, its the flow of your thoughts and expression of your ideas and feelings that fills up to the real content.

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Writing is not a set goal, it is very raw and natural. If one sets a goal for instance say, “300k+ words” the person’s mindset and heart is filled with the amount of pages, the strategy and time required to complete it, the amount of energy that would be required and even the aftermath of reaching that end goal which could be being very exhausted or “sleeping fingers”. Thereby you loose interest because you went off track of the usual way to express and write your words into stories, articles, poetries etc.

The way which is very natural and its the art of expressing by wielding your feelings, thoughts into artistic and creative words. Limiting it by setting a goal tires your mind and blocks your heart from giving out any feelings to bring in any flow or passion to write. Although there are people who can focus on both and effectively write alongside goals as they are able to prioritise the other according to the matter that must be focused at that moment. But it doesn’t work out if its blocking or stopping you from writing down.

You know when you are blocking your thoughts and feelings and focusing more on how you would be able to achieve your goal instead, which is where your whole cause lies in. Know your thoughts and feelings to know where you stand when it comes to penning down.

Question yourself now, What do you think when it comes to writing a story? Is it the amount of pages you have to write or the magical and intense or zestful overflowing of your emotions onto the paper. Is it the amount of words you want to write or the creative, dynamic imagination waiting to be penned down? Like any art, writing must be free of any restrictions, it must be free like the wind and as limitless as the writer wishes it to be.

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One must try and let its thoughts flow as they want to let them express their will then use these emotions and thoughts to bring up and fill into the idea, like I feel so and so right now and my idea is this, now I can combine them and start writing how I want it to be and take on the lead from there on. Also when it says “ idea”, an idea includes the start or the beginning of the plot and a fixed ending of it. The matter within is the result of how and what way one wishes to express it. It evolves, transforms to form the writers masterpieces because its always the writers thoughts, its feelings that brings it all out.

Once a writer conquers this problem, he/she can start with any and every search of inspiration it depends on to keep its emotions and thoughts replenished and hence keep the everflowing river and train of thoughts from diminishing. Maya Angelou once said, “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you”, therefore never let go of your passion, keep writing!

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