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The silent dragon in your heart
Sleeping in the dungeon of your soul
Slowly… slowly… slowly feels the urge to see the light
From the hidden ocean of silence darkness

Starting to spread the wings of desire
To fly and spread the vibrant light
From the abyss of forgotten memories
Trying to recall the world that it left behind
To feel the beauty of his creative mind

Step… step… small step to start
To stop for the new world to see
To change the collective thought
From the wrong perspective of hungry mind

The beauty inside, hiding in your heart
Starts to glow the magnificent shine
The creation beneath, in your humble soul
Starting to sing, the song of your heart and soul

Move… move… move the pen towards your dream
Dreaming of something wonderful to see
To let go the whispering dust of hope
To change the world into a better place

Here you are now, the birth of a rising Poet
Starting to spread the sprinkling pieces of your heart
To hear your soft magical voice of love
To touch the heart of every human mind.

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