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The Art of Freelancing: Understanding Your Niche

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Irrespective of the genre you write, Poetry, Prose, Or even Articles. Do you have an idea that there are thousands (if not millions) of clients, blogs, magazines waiting for you to write for them?

Do you know the 500 words you write on a spree is equivalent to about 400/500 dollars in freelancing world?

Do you know you could literally ghostwrite and sell that amazingly-hidden short stories in your draft for a client for thousands of naira? Do you know every single creative writing you possess  could pay bills?

Basically, what this is, is that,

  • You can earn, while you write.
  • You can earn, while you do what you love
  • You can earn, stress-freely without leaving the comfort of your home.

So, now. Just like poetry and prose; we have genres. In article writing; we have niche.

What is a Freelance Writing Niche?

A freelance writing niche is a specialization in writing. Your writing niche is a focused area in writing like writing press releases or blog posts where you are experienced in and knowledgeable of writing about.

Writing niches could be;

  • Travel writing
  • Digital marketing
  • . Education
  • .Health
  • .Book Writing (Ghostwriting)

As a ghostwriter you might be responsible for:

  • Newsletters
  • Social media posts
  • Blog posts
  • eBook writing
  • Editing
  • Proofreading
  • Video Script Writing
  • . Food and wine
  • White Paper Writing
  • Email Writing.

Technically, these are few ones. That is, some niches you could try.

There are many methods of finding a niche. Some freelancers, bloggers, and professional writers recommend simply picking your favorite subject and devouring as much information as possible.

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Use these tips to figure out which niche is best for you

  1. Figure Out What You Love

If you love what you write about, you’re much more likely to be successful in freelance writing. You won’t suffer from brain drain or writer’s block if you find your niche fascinating.

One of the best ways to identify your interests is to take a look at the types of information you already consume. Look at the types of articles and content you already enjoy reading. Whether it’s politics, productivity, or cutting-edge medical innovations, figuring out what types of things interest you can be a good place to start.

  1. Identify Your Strengths

Building a successful writing career is faster and easier when you know what you’re talking about. Based on your education and work history, you’re likely an expert or proficient in some realm. Ask friends and family what they think you’re good at. Figure out what types of information you can effectively share with people to improve their lives. Often times, identifying your strengths and existing know how can help you pinpoint a writing niche.

As a freelance writer, your reputation is everything. Figure out early on what you’re good at and what you aren’t’ good at and take part-time or full-time work that reflects your strengths.

  1. Practice, Practice, Practice

If you’re new to freelance writing, it’s important to dabble here and there when you’re getting started. You can write short social media posts to test your engaging writing skills or opt for short 500-word writing opportunities to test your chops. Whether you choose to become a technical writer, business writer, or draft tutorials on artistic make-up, practice is essential to dominating in your chosen niche.

  1. Be Self-Aware

A hefty dose of self-awareness is critical to finding your freelance writing niche. A lot of people aren’t honest with themselves and find themselves writing in an industry that is too complicated or above their skill set. To avoid this, make sure to practice self-reflection.

  1. Talk To A Mentor

Sometimes getting out of your own head is the best thing you can do to truly understand your skills. Getting an opinion from someone who knows you, but isn’t involved in your business can offer clarity when picking a niche. Friends, families can be if great help too

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6. Brainstorm Regularly

Most writers tend to stick to one or two niches when writing. However, you shouldn’t feel trapped by your initial selections. What drove your interest last year may be different this year. Take time daily, weekly, or monthly to track your stream of consciousness. Write down ramblings, thoughts, and ideas. The best time to do this is either first thing in the morning or late in the evening.

Lastly, The 4 Most Profitable Freelance Writing Niches

In addition to these tips, it’s a good idea to decide what kind of writer you want to be. There are hundreds of different niches and different writing styles to choose from depending on your skill set.

Here are some of the most profitable freelance writing niches.

  • Technical Writing

If you’re interested in technical topics or have a background in software development, look for technical writing opportunities such as drafting white papers, journal papers, and user manuals. Technical and technology freelance writing jobs are among the most high paying.

  • Ghostwriting

If you prefer to work behind the scenes, you can look into ghostwriting, it is the second most profitable niche to delve into where you create content for another individual, but don’t have your name attached to the final piece. This industry offers lucrative opportunities because writers are paid a higher premium to stay anonymous. Many autobiographies are written by ghostwriters, but the autobiographical subject gets to put his or her name on the cover. Additionally, these types of projects usually involve hundreds of pages and hours of work, thus resulting in higher pay.

  • SEO Writing

Digital marketing is another profitable niche where freelance writers can grow their careers. These writers will focus on SEO and work closely with marketing strategy team members to create content including landing pages, case studies, long-form blogging sites, and sales pages for the client’s target audience.

  • Financial Writing

Finance is another industry where writers are paid a premium for excellent content. While it’s not a new niche, it’s still an important industry since finance and money-saving tips can change as the markets evolve. Topics covered in this niche include credit cards, personal finance, taxes, and insurance and writers can expect to create content including blogs and press releases as well as sales pieces.

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So, finding a niche for your freelance copywriting is important. It helps you identify what you do well and choose what types of writing projects you should accept.

Written By Isaac Adedeji

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