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The 10 Types of Writers - Which one are you?

Here's a post taken from on what type of writer you might be!

Read enjoy and smile as your writer self stare you in the face! ?


1. The Turtle

The easiest way to describe you is: SLOW. You are a strict adherer to the saying “slow and steady wins the race”. You don’t write quantity, you write quality. And it definitely shows (you little genius). Your books are probably long and detailed because you won’t rush this baby.

2. The Shiny Idea Chaser

You could fill an entire ROOM with the story ideas you have. You get inspiration from anything! (The shower is notoriously inspiring…where is your waterproof notebook??) You have Pinterest boards and word documents and sticky-notes and notebooks and notes on your phone and…and…okay. You just have a lot of (awesome) ideas. You just need time to write them all!

3. The Intense Plotter

You have got this sorted. There’s nothing like a 10,000-word outline and a 6-book plan, right?! You know what’s going to happen way before it happens. Sometimes people accuse you of not being spontaneous, but pfft to them. Your books are complex, tight, and delicious.

4. The Need for Speeder

You write fast. Superfast. 10,000-words a day? Pfft. You’ve done it copiously. You write fast and furious and, coincidentally, you don’t write a lot. Your creative well gets depleted fast and you take long breaks to search for inspiration.

5. The NaNoWriMoer

You function best on a deadline and with a large cheering-squad. NaNo hits off 3x a year and you’re there for each one. You struggle and revel in the deadline simultaneously. WORD WARS? You’ve got a battle axe.

6. The One-Hit-Wonder

So there was this one time you wrote a book. Aaaand, that was about it. You’re constantly reworking said book. (It’s going to be amazing one day but just…not…quite…yet.) You either would like to write more (if you had the time) or you’ve got a been-there-done-that philosophy and you’re off snorkelling the Mariana Trench.

7. The Project Procrastinator

You really suck at the whole “apply seat of pants to chair and WRITE”. But what about pinterest? Twitter? Better do your emails? And you’ve got like 24020 other things to do as well BUT YOU DO LIKE TO WRITE! You just…um…get distracted. Doing write-every-day challenges really motivates you. But, let’s face it, you do more fangirling (dream cast? mini-movie trailers? interviews? drawings?) over your characters than actually writing about them.

8. The Literary Axe-Murderer

Killing one character is cute. You kill HUNDREDS. If someone gets out of your book alive they’re seriously lucky (and probably suffering PTSD from your abuse). Your spare nothing. Toughness is life. Okay, so maybe you’re a little crazy, but you know how to break a reader’s feels.

9. The Multi-Tasker

That writer’s working on one project? Aww, so adorable. You handle 6+ at one time. Plus you’re doing edits on a few manuscripts, beta-ing for a friend, casually writing a dozen novels, and, oh, plotting 2x dozen more. You’re like an octopus.

10. The Secretest

Shhhh! All your projects are SECRET. Most people don’t even know you write. It’s not that you’re embarrassed, per se, it’s just that writing is incredibly personal to you and you don’t want to show it off until it’s as good as it can be. You would probably die if someone read your unedited work. Well. Scrap that. You’d die if someone read ANY of your work. But you have the world oh-so-curious.



Did you find you? Let us know in the comments below.