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Teen Fic and Chic Fic

Do you know what's common between these two genre, Teen Fic and Chic Fic? Both of them are used poverly and combined with romance. 

Teen Fic does not mean a book of teenage romance, it's a genre where writer's explore the minds of teens and their coming of age stories. Stories of finding oneself. (Some good examples for this would be some of the work by John Green, E.lockhart and Gayle Forman)

While, Chic fic is a genre where writer's show the struggle of a female in the world. (Twinkle Khanna, Cecelia Ahern etc) Meant to be a feminist kind of thing it's more used to write sappy romance stories with unnecessary sexual interactions. 

So, what are your take on these genres and do you feel some other genre which are misused?