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Quotes from books I'm exploring.

  • "What was this about South Asians being the best of buddies in a foreign land and thirsting for each other's blood when at home?"


  • "If wooden doors had feelings, I'm certain they would wish they could walk out of houses with troubled relationships" 

- Vikram Bhatt

(A handful of sunshine)


  • "- and those talks we would have until three in the morning that would make us feel lousy the next day because we'd sleep like hell but also feel good because the talks were like pinpricks of light in the dark fabric of small town life."


  • "Not every person who suffers from depression will be suicidal The vast majority won't. And not everyone who has thought about what it would be like to die is suicidal"

-Gayle Forman

(I was here)  


  • "Tum se janmoon tho shayad panha miley"


  • "A good storyteller is the conscience-keeper of a nation"


  • "Walk through the pages of a book and you'll find characters, like old friends In the corridors of time-"


Gulzar / translated by Sunjay Shekhar 

(Half a rupee stories)