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Writing An Outline – Article Writing

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As an article writer, a whole lot of thoughts, ideas and suggestions would always rumble in your head, blame your intelligence for that. It’s really a great thing but nonetheless those raw thoughts and ideas can’t be put forward in that way except you sieve them and nearly put them in good order, then you are on the verge of becoming the best article writer.

An outline is as important as what you want to write about — It shields you from misplacing ideas and mixing key points in your content.

Here’s the step-by-step process in outlining

  • Brainstorm or Create a mind map of your article
  • Identify your audience
  • Scout or Explore
  • State your objectives
  • Develop concrete points with your objective

Scout or Explore

This is a core in outline, read a great deal about your ideas, search engines like Google, Bing and websites like Reddit, Quora are in place to help you out in getting a deep grasp about your ideas.

Search to see what others had written about your ideas and use pen to note significant and interesting stuffs you found online. Having the information you need in one place will help you a lot when you want to write your final draft.

NOTE: Be careful when you explore books and websites because you might howeverover-research and waste much of your time and energy in this phase.

  • State objectives of your article.

What do you want people to derive from your Article? Do you want your audience to be alert about an impending doom? Do you want them to understand a particular context?

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It is really expedient to itemize your objective. Take for example, you are trying to write about the menace in your nation.

Your objective is to show it at the end of your article how/what the menace has done to your country economically, politically or in anyway as such.

At the end of this article, readers should be able to:

  • Understand what a menace is
  • Know the origin of the menace
  • Provide a solution to the menace.

That’s an example of an objective for your article/content.

Don’t forget, whatever you write must be in cognisance with your objective.

Develop concrete points with your objective
You are getting closer to writing the best article in the world now, your objective is a subtle pointer to arousing the greatness in your pen.

Take each of your objectivity into actions now.
Build it with solid words, axioms, quotes, references and you would win the darkest heart of your readers into the shining light of your articles.

By: Fab_du_solvic

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