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Woman – Contest 4 [closed]

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Welcome to the fourth prompt for our Bi-weekly Haiku Contests.

In support of international Women’s Day which fell on the 8th of March, our next prompt word is…







Write a haiku poem based on the word “WOMAN”.  It doesn’t matter how you integrate the word into the poem but the word must be found one way or the other in the poem.

(click here to read on how to write haiku)



  1. This is a haiku contest. Find out what a haiku is before you submit. Limericks, acrostics, free verse, etc. do not count.
  2. Your entry must follow the haiku structure of 5-7-5 rules
  3. Feel free to title your haiku. Titles are not part of the 17-syllable-count requirement for the poem.
  4. Check your spelling.
  5. Only one entry per person
  6. Poems that will be accepted can be only newly written poem based on our prompts.
  7. The poem should be your own.
  8. No late entries. Submit your entry on time.
  9. You need to fill up the form provided below to submit your entry.
  10. We encourage all individuals to share this contest [not mandatory]
  11. For wattpad users, you must add this book to your reading lists.




If you have any questions, comment below and it will be answered.


The top three haiku will be selected by a panel from Earnesty Community. All decisions made by the panel are final. Entries will be evaluated based on the judging criteria here.

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  1. Poem published here and on our instagram account
  2. Poem featured in our Bi-yearly Haiku anthology [an anthology that is sold on amazon and other outlets to get you a little something. Details of how it works will be sent to you]
  3. For wattpad users, your poetry book will be added to our reading list and a winning sticker for your book.
  4. Your profile listed on our website as a winner.
Other prizes will be added as we get more sponsors.



Submission is from now to 12:00PM GMT on 18TH March, 2019

Judging starts from 19th March to 22nd March, 2019

Contest winners will be announced on 23rd March  and a new contest will be started.


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