Who am I by Eugene Acheampong [Da7thPoet]

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An entry for the ‘Poetry Prize Awards ’20 ~ People’s Choice Awards’.

I am opposing and convincing,
The seventh voice of the fallen angel.
I come to you when you are tiring,
Pounce when you burn the midnight candle

I pull you by the tie,
Like a prostitute and a pervert.
You don’t want to buy,
but my promise is fulfilling

I come to you like a ninja,
Unseen but truly.
I rub against you like your lover
And sweep sensation to your eyelids

You trudge closer, I beckon you.
Like the voice of a siren
I draw you away from reality
To a world of endless possibility

I find a victim on my radar,
He does the things I love most,
He really needs this time,
But I too am dying for his while

To sum it all up,
You need me, I need you
To evade me is possible
To deceive me is probable
But in all I am sleep and I’m inevitable!

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