Beginning your journey as a writer is challenging. Same way, writing a book isn’t that easy. 

Even if it’s rejection, self-doubt, criticism or anything else, we have all faced self-doubt as writers. We usually say,

“What if my novel isn’t good enough? ”.

We end up comparing our novels to these wonderful books we have read. These books have complex characters and fantastic arcs. We look at these books then say, 

“Why would someone read my story when that author’s book is so much better?”


But that’s the thing. If you look at those authors, they’ve been writing for what — ten years? They now have a contract for publishing, a publisher, beta readers and others to support them in their work. But they had the same doubts and fears when they first started to write. All of them faced conflict.

But they began regardless. We know that getting the first sentence on paper can be one of the most difficult challenges a writer faces. When you start looking at the blank screen or page, it’s easy to get frustrated as a new author.

The good news is, TrainQuill by Earnest Write’s Writaholics is here to take writers of that calibre through an intensive one month training that is composed to restore the confidence of writers, teach them all they have to know about writing a novel and in the end, writing a novella.


  • Developing the belief in their talents (I.e writing)
  • Looking at the struggles new authors go through and how to overcome them
  • Handling rejection
  • Finding themselves as writers—pantser or planner—and doing the needful
  •  Finding story ideas
  •  Choosing a title
  • Planning their novels
  • All they need to know about setting and characters
  • Narration techniques
  • Writing techniques
  • Proofreading and editing
  • Choosing a cover
  • Branding and marketing techniques
  • And many more…     


  • Free tuition
  • Getting a novella done in a month
  • Certification
  • Free cover and graphics
  • and many more!

DEADLINE: 25th August

Terms and conditions apply.