Together by Kukua Nyarkoa [_Kuks_]

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An entry for the ‘Poetry Prize Awards ’20 ~ People’s Choice Awards’.


If you wake up to hear from me no more
Don’t mourn me too much,
A drop of tear or two’s enough.
If you ring my phone and all you get is the voicemail,
Record all that you’ve got to say
I promise I’ll be listening from far away.

If you don’t get to see me smile no more
Remember the nights we spent together,
Remember how my eyes sparkled when I saw you,
Remember how I found solace in your arms,
Remember the memories we made; they maybe short but priceless,
Remember the jokes we cracked and smile because of them.

If you ever wake up to see me no more,
I don’t want to see you mourn
No, don’t you dare cry.
Remember there’s still a forever promise I’ll have to fulfill
And that you’re never completely alone.

If I do not rise with the sun in the morn,
Just know how much I cherish you
And please do well not mourn
I’ll be watching you from afar.
If you hear the doors banging with no causation,
It’s a sign I’m saying hi.
When you suddenly become warm on a chilly night,
You should know I’m lying right beside you.
If you hear the curtains rustling after you let a girl in the house,
Just take her back home, I wouldn’t want to cause an uproar.

If you wake up one day to my lifeless pale body,
Don’t think it’s over for us
And don’t you dare mourn;
Because death can’t do us part
And we are always going to be together forever.

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