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Tips And Segment Of Article Writing And Content Creation

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According to Wikipedia; An article is a written work published in a print or electronic medium. It may be for the purpose of propagating news, research results, academic analysis, or debate.

You could also define it this way;

An article is a piece of writing bringing a subject to fore from one angle with a beginning, a middle and ending,while all parts are juxtaposed systematically.

However, Article writing is the process of creating a non-fiction text about current or recent news, items of general interest or specific topics.

Emphasis on non-fiction when it becomes fiction it is regarded as a story or poem etc.

Article writing is a skill which needs to be practiced. Even without the talent of writing as some may already have, you can still become a great article writer.

 How to write a good article regardless of your topic.

  1. Select what you want to write on

You must select a topic you want to write on first. This process sometimes comes easy for some and it doesn’t for some. You can write on controversial topics, how-to”, pressing issues, economic and societal etc.

  1. Title your article

After deciding what you want to write on, you title your article…some people choose to do the titling after writing the article while some do before titling. It’s based on your choice. Anyways make sure your title is short, concise, attention sparkling and not misleading.

  1. Write An eye-catching heading

Your article must commence with a short, eye-catching heading, designed to grab the reader’s attention and give a clue to the content.

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Your first paragraph matters you have to get it right there, else you won’t get it right in the main content. E.g. Nigerian youth sustain a nationwide protest, despite the dissolution of the SARS unit of the police force, says the government is being deceitful.

The first paragraph should present an overview of the article and contain its most important points. Just like in the example I gave, I pointed out the sustenance of the protest, the dissolution and also the government intervention.

You should also note that In an article, the writer is not discussing a subject from all possible angles, but rather is sticking to an aspect only (as decided by the writer).

  1. Write the body of your article

You proceed to the body of your article where you pour out all your ideas and all.

Ensure that what is being said correlates with the topic, the title you must have given and the heads up you gave in your first paragraph. The article’s body will provide further information and details of your chosen topic

  1. Bring your article to a close

The conclusion stage is where you bring your article to a close and sum up the main points and possibly clarify the writer’s opinion on the topic depending on the topic you’re writing on.

Content Creation

Content is mostly written or curated to promote a particular product, goods or services.

Content creation is the process of identifying a new topic you want to write about, deciding which form you want the content to take, formalizing your strategy (keyword or otherwise), and then actually producing it.

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Content creation requires a strategy cos you are expecting feedback from it.

Content is that long article you write to push a post, the caption you write to accompany your images, to the script of the podcast that is presented etc.

Basically, content is everything! Everything is content! It now depends on how you present it and who you present it to.

So when creating content you have to know who your audience is and put yourselves in their shoes?

  • Do you want to see this?
  • How would you want to see it?
  • When and where do you want to see it?

This allows you ease the tension that comes with creating content, cos  content creation is a creative process but without any strategy is going to be just were bunch of words.

A quick illustration!

My friend has a business that is called “Qings_ng,” he is running a 15% discounts to students convoking from his university and want me to help him write a caption that will push the announcement;

It’s a coronation season!

Oh! Convocation I mean, at Qings_ng it’s all the same, cos we want to make you a king at every opportunity we get. Wearing Qings_ng makes the difference. Get 15% discounts on  all your convocation shoes from us.

 NB: This is exclusive to only convoke students.Send a message to us on Instagram @qings_ng or through whatsapp on (whatsapp link).We are here to make all day coronation day!

Having strategized well, I was able to work with the brand name and the event at hand to create a content.

By : Amuda A. Abisola

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