The Invincible Quill Is Hiring

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The Invincible Quill Magazine is a soaring writing and poetry magazine that is released on online every month, we create amazing poetry, creative articles and have useful writing prompts and inspiring interviews with poets and authors of all genres and styles.

We currently are looking expand our growing permanent creative team, we are looking for;

  • Writers of both poetry, prose and columnists.
  • Editors that can edit either prose, poetry or both.
  • Graphic designers to help us design cover and put the magazine together.

The perks are unlimited from being part of an amazing community, working with very creative and talented writers and editors and seeing your work published in an online magazine.

The difference between a permanent writer is that your work will be accepted, read and approved before any guest writer as you will be part of our writing team.

You will be supported throughout your journey with us by the supportive team and two editors who only want the best from you and will help you achieve that.

If you want more information please email the editors by their email:

or if you are ready to start the application process please complete the google form link below and we wish you luck!

(If the link does not work, please copy and paste it into your web bar and it will work. Or message us on the above email.)

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Belle & Daisy

The Editors

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