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The first issue of our digital/online poetry magazine is here and it’s FREE!

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We are here for the preservation and growth of poetry in the today world.

We are here for the beauty and fun of poetry.

We are for budding poets and established poets alike.

Ready for the July 2019 issue?

July was named in honour of Julius Caesar. When Julius Caesar died, Quintilis, which was his birth month, was renamed with July. And from which we get the theme for this month’s issue!

We explore the toxicity of society which beliefs in demolishing the ones in power and the ones who wants to bring good to the people against common notions from the ancestors.

We dive into the very essence of poetry — the poetry of old…the 18th-century poetry and Shakespearean sonnet.


The Origin of 18th-century poetry

Origin and the consequent change in forms of limericks.

Shakespeare and the Shakespearean sonnet

Exclusive interview with Award-winning poet Anastacia [AwSprite].

Poetry writing tips.

Guest article from award-winning poet Sonakshi Srivastava. (sonakshisrivastava)

Great poems from poets around the world.

Get updated with what’s going on with the world of poetry.

Poetry prompts, contests etc.

Magazine cover!

How do you get a copy?

It’s simple!


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Fun right!

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