The art of creating dynamic character
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The art of creating dynamic characters

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Written by: Harini Shree

Every writer aspires to bring out their book with a new story and make it a best seller. They never fail to create characters with different attitudes. ‘Characters’ in a story are the ones who give life to the story. A writer holds the responsibility of shaping these characters into remarkable souls in the hearts of the readers. These characters are defined in various aspects by the writer. They leap out of the book and spin in the minds of the people who read them. The adherence of a character in a reader’s heart ultimately depends on the efficiency of the writer. The art of creating a character in a story is essential to make that story a masterpiece.

What is a dynamic character?

A character that shows changes in the internal attitudes, desires, morals and progresses throughout the story is called a dynamic character. This dynamic character is of high potential, spirit, and effectiveness. These characters show constant change, which attracts people’s attention very easily.

Why choose a dynamic character in a story?

Many writers choose dynamic characters in their stories because these characters are realistic. They really value the situation and change accordingly. These characters have preferences. Since they meet a series of obstacles and succeed through them, these characters know the conflicts and teach people about them. They give a believable story as an outcome. The writer who masters the art of creating dynamic characters can make his/her story a best-seller to grasp people’s attention easily.

Some of the attributes of a dynamic character include:

  • Dynamic characters are flawed
  • Dynamic characters have preferences
  • Dynamic characters have a past to be dealt with
  • Dynamic characters are surprising
  • Dynamic characters reveal many turning points
  • Dynamic characters face obstacles
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Impact on the story:

Dynamic characters are interesting. But how do these dynamic characters influence a story?

And why does a reader has more affinity towards these dynamic characters?

These questions may have already prickled your thoughts by now.

Well, a dynamic character undergoes changes internally as time flies. Something about them keeps on changing. But the environment has not made any changes over these characters. Only they have seen differences in the environment as time progresses.  A dynamic character may change from a positive to negative in attitude and even vice versa. Whatever may be the difference, it holds greater attention to the readers. And, most importantly, the dynamic character will not show any physical transformation. The transformation happens only in the internal minds of the character. Physical change can’t be a symbolic indicator of a dynamic character. It is indicated only by their change in mindset.


How to create a dynamic character in a story?

The art of creating a dynamic character in a story completely depends on the skill of an author. The story must be analyzed thoroughly. The nature of the character must be known. Various plots that can change a character’s mindset are created. These plots are arranged in a sequential manner to give coherent progress to the story. Through these sequenced plots, a character undergoes a dynamic change and will gather more attention.

The art of creating a dynamic character:

This is an art possessed by a writer who aspires to become a great author. This writer must study the influence of a dynamic character in a story and create them identically to grasp the people’s attention. Like any other arts, it can also be of any type. But it should satisfy the reader completely by bringing various changes. A writer must shape this dynamic character based on the type of story. They build the personality of a character in a static way but the mentality of a character in a dynamic way.

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These skills of identifying the nature of a story and bringing out the dynamic nature of the character is an important aspect in making a successful story.

For example, In‘ HARRY POTTER AND THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS‘, Harry Potter plays a dynamic role.

In ‘ HARRY POTTER AND THE SORCERER’S STONE‘, Neville Longbottom plays a dynamic role.

The dynamic characters are also established in different types of stories.

The dynamic characters show emotional changes and make the plot powerful from the beginning to the end. These characters provide exciting reactions and drive the reader’s curiosity. Their various life experiences are explained by these dynamic characters and help in the character development of readers. The change of the character may be subtle or even extreme. It is based on the type of story and the plots created in the case of a fictional story. When a static character is compared with a dynamic character, the affinity towards the dynamic character is more. Hence, a dynamic character leads a story in an interesting perspective. The art of creating a dynamic character in a story can make any writer prosper in the field of writing.

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