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Writing character descriptions in First person POV

Written by: HARINI SHREE The stories get more interesting when a reader focuses on the characters in a narrator’s perspective. The protagonist gets more importance in this case. A person reading a novel expects some emotions to be raw so that they can feel the same emotions the person who is experiencing it is. This is satisfied in a…

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How to create a well rounded character

   When you’re making a story, you’ve got to make sure your characters are well made. If they’re not that thought out, or lazily made, the reader will certainly notice. How well your character is developed can make or break the entire story. To make sure your character is as well thought out as they…

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EWA’19 Nominees -Certified List A

Below are the certified full list of all books entered in the Romance, Horror/Mystery/Thriller, Paranormal and Realistic fiction categories in this year’s EWA. You are to check out your entry following this checklist and notify us of any mistake in the comments below: ☑Check if your entry is listed ☑check for correct spelling of book…

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Types of Hooks to Captivate Readers

A hook is an opening sentence used to attract the reader’s attention so that they’ll continue to read on. In fact, there are variations of hooks used to captivate readers. Check out these five types! Introducing a Metaphor or Simile: The first type is one of metaphor and/or similes. This style engages readers by comparing…

Writing Prompts

Prompt #11: The Blue Planet

Genre: Science Fiction   Your character lives on a planet other than Earth. In fact, they don’t even know Earth exists. Well, they didn’t until a space mission went horribly wrong and their pod ended up crashing on Earth. What is this weird planet? How do people here not know what lies in the darkness…

Writing Prompts

Prompt #10: Grim Reaper

Genre: Fantasy/Paranormal    I’ve hated myself for too long, but apparently nothing can put an end to my misery. How ironic is it that the one who craves death more than anything, is the Grim Reaper himself?   Please feel free to share the whatever you could come up with this prompt in the comments…

Writing Prompts

Prompt #9 – Less Alive

Genre: Fantasy/Horror  Your imaginary friends are turning real day by day. Only, the more real they are, the less alive you feel. Please feel free to share the whatever you could come up with this prompt in the comments below, we’d be happy to see!

Writing Prompts

Prompt #7 – The Duplicate

Genre: Science Fiction/ Thriller   “I’m the copy of the copy. The original piece is in the lab, they’re about to destroy it.” “So you’re here to save it?” “No. I want to make sure they destroy it.” “Because…?” “That version is the cuter me.”   Please feel free to share the whatever you could…

Writing Prompts

Prompt #4

Genre: Fantasy One fine afternoon, you fall asleep on your writing desk. The next thing you know is that you’re stuck inside your own story, and every character inside the story has been replaced by a contrasting personality from your own world.   Please feel free to share the whatever you could come up with…