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Sorry by Daniel Boamah [danielthepoet]

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“Sorry; The word which is spoken and written always, but it is the key”.

The word which is understood by all, despite an illiterate or not.
The word which could make you weep a lot.
The word which could heal the brokenhearted.
The word which can cause your pain to be altered.

Now, “Sorry” rendered powerless

Sorry is not just enough.
Sorry can no longer heal the pain
Sorry can no longer cater for the mess.
Sorry can no longer repair the brokenhearted.

So now what is the use of “Sorry”?

You say sorry and there is still more pain.
You say sorry countless times and there is still no gain.
You say sorry and results turns out to be more worse.
You say sorry and the grieve never reduces or go less.

So then why, do we continue to say “Sorry”?
But you should know; Sorry is always said from the heart.

When we say sorry; we have felt the pain down within us, as if we were the victims.
When we say sorry; we wished what we did never happened.
When we say sorry; we cry deep down within us, that you can offer us a second chance.
When we say sorry; we do not mean the literal meaning, but the heart’s dictionary.
When we say sorry; we share the pain with you.

“Sorry; the word that is spoken and written always, but it is the key”.

#A poem dedicated to all those that I have one way or the other wronged, hurted or left dejected, in a case I realised or couldn’t realise.
#”Sorry” to YOU, ad I reconcile with you on this special day.

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Written by danielthepoet©Copyright protected .

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