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why us

Let the story out.

You can trust the Earnest Writes  to assist you do that. That is why we say earnest writes is the  writer’s safe haven. 


We have helped many writer's on their journey​


We take pride in being a hub of information, creating easily accessible content that’s both easy to consume but also applicable. 

Supportive Community

Our community is filled with supportive writers, readers and editors that’s there to inspire, motivate and discuss.

Editors and proofreaders

We boast with a array of editors and proofreaders that have a passion for the written word, we only accept the best here at Earnest Writes. 

Graphic designers

Our designers know what sell, they’re versed in colour theory and movement. Whether you need a new coat of paint or new cover, they’re here to help you on the journey. 

Book reviewers

Our reviewers know the devil’s in the details, they notice and comment on the small thing. Whether you want to improve or need a review for marketing, we’ve got your back.


We constantly hold contests throughout the year, from camps to full out awards, we do it all.  

Try something

Content writer

Do you need content writers for your business? Contact us to find out more. 

Publish with us

Looking to get published? Why not send us your manuscript and fill in the application? 

Q&A sessions

We hold live Q&A sessions with the help of video conferencing software to explain the processes and answer all your questions for those who need it. 

What are you waiting for?

It’s time to follow your heart and achieve your dreams. 


Client's Feedback

EW is a platform perfect for writers both amateur and professional, they consist of a team of strongly driven judges. I am glad to be part of their journey with many surprises as well as amazing ideas for all readers/writers.

Durga Hakuouki

Author of Irreplaceable You

If you are a write and seeks a community of similar minds and passion, then Earnest Writes is where you should be… An online community with so much dedication and passion for writing.. You don’t have to be a guru to join, every master was once a student


Michael Nene