The Darkest Target

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“I’ve expressed awe at many different times throughout these books. To the point where it may seem repetitive. There’s a pure frustration at the feeling of not having the ability to properly express just how much I love this series.

I’ve been reading this series for the past nine days, and let me tell you, I am an overthinker. Constantly plagued by thoughts, but this book captivated me to the point where all of my thoughts about anything except for the book was quelled completely when reading. That’s quite a feat, and one I appreciate, fully.
A not-so-great day became so much brighter when I got to just sit down and read. Immerse me in this beautiful piece of work.
I’m not going to lie and say I’m not shedding a few tears, I am. I’ve grown attached. It’s been so long since I’ve read a book that meant more to me than just something fun to do. A hobby. A recreation. A pastime. These books struck me deeper than that.
I have to say, you could never write anything ever again, and I would still be eternally grateful you decided to write and post this. You could never write a single letter ever again and you would still be among my favourite authors. And if you ever decided to start something new, I would be among the first to start reading.
This is one of those books that fall under the category of I’m so freaking lucky I found it when I did and I wish I hadn’t, just so I could experience it for the first time, once more.
You’ve definitely brightened my days, this past week. You’re one hell of an author. One hell of a person. And this is one hell of a series.”
Review by Gina
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