His Eternal Muse

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His Eternal Muse

His Eternal Muse


“Above Every Truth There Is Eternity.”

The night of the seventeenth birthday changes everything for Katrina Jones, a fiercely independent girl who leads a balanced lifestyle. She had everything in her life, right from excellent grades, loving family and supportive friends while keeping herself as a low-key person.


But that night ended Katrina’s perfect life. A deepest and darkest secret of her life were revealed, making her world shaken. When it leads to an inevitable heartache for Katrina, she begins to find comfort in the last person she wanted to see – Shawn Harrison, her ex-best friend whom she despises and loves the most.

Popularly known for his cold-hearted character and a playboy image, Shawn Harrison is just more than that. He has his own battle to survive which nobody knows.

Discovering each other’s secret and comforting to one and another, both of them explore the real feelings they are having for each other. Was it just a ‘hatred’? or Was it a ‘love’ hidden behind the wall all this while? Read to find it out!


• Book of The Month-Earnest Reads Book Club

Read book here: https://www.wattpad.com/story/177871961-his-eternal-muse