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Check out these quick five tips to improve your writing!

1.Look for a passive voice

A lot of times when writing, it’s easy to slip into the past-progressive form of writing.

I.e. ‘Was’ + Verb-ing

This form makes writing clunky and disrupts the flow. Avoiding wordy writing creates an active voice. This allows our writing to be stronger, smoother and clearer. It is imperative to have concise writing, because it improves pace, and is easier to comprehend.

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2. Redundancies


Redundancies usually pertain to repetitiveness in writing. This includes, favorite phrases, and filler words. Personally, I have a habit of using ‘as’ and ‘well’ too much.

I.e. wordy words include but not limited to:








3. Does it make sense?

Does it make sense, can fall into the habit of our mannerisms slipping into our writing.

I.e. if you’re writing a historic fiction piece, the dialogue should coincide with the time period the plot is occurring. There is no reason to read ‘Oh my god or I’m jelly,” when something is occurring during Shakespeare’s time.

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4. Grammar

Know the Difference: Their, There, and they’re

Pay careful attention to showing possession their, your in comparison to they are(they’re), you are (you’re) etc. Basic grammar can help improve writing tremendously. I suggest using programs like Grammarly and pro-writing aid.


5. Sentence Variation


Variation in writing pertains to sentence structure and also ties into the concept of repetition. Writers can often over use the same word when beginning sentences.

I.e. she was an emergency room doctor, and she worked at Tray Hospital with Doctor Johnson, a world-renowned cardiologist. She also specializes in pediatrics.


Notice how the pronoun ‘she’ is used here. In order to avoid this type of issues with pronouns, try adjusting the placements of the prepositions or dependent clauses.

Try: As an emergency doctor specializing in pediatrics, she worked at Tray Hospital with Doctor Johnson, a world-renowned cardiologist.

The writing is more complex and easier to understand.


Well good luck! We’re all on this incredible journey together.


Written by Jalissa


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