Pouring it out by Kaboji Muhammad [Kabojie Geh]

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My soul trembles when I see the condition of fellow souls
They never wished to be at the mercy of anyone
Tears parade my face as I see them struggling through the valley of hope to get
a taste of the blessing I take for granted
They just want peace from the pieces they’re in
Everyday we wish for happiness not disturbed if our neighbour is on the same level
Are we perplexed about the agony our bloods go through? Oh I forgot rivalry took care of that
I mumble a prayer not to be the havoc who births your sadness
You look so intimidated by these worldly shimmers displayed as each tear drops to pregnant your emptiness
I bow my head and pour out my sorrows with all eyes swollen
Everlasting that I want is to be defined by my strength
So tame me not with my flaws which I try to forsake
when I soar into the Eden of success and bring forth eternal peace!

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