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Boakye D Alpha


Boakye D. Alpha is a published author, poet, scriptwriter, editor, proofreader, blogger, motivational speaker, student journalist and an entrepreneur. He is a student at the Kwame Nkrumah University Of Science and Technology [KNUST], Ghana in his  4th year pursuing Bachelor of Arts, English

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Carli Buckle


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Rubaia Khatun

Executive director

A nature lover and love lover, Rubaia Khatun is a motivational speaker, teacher, vlogger, a writer and founder of Love – Infinite ♥️ Unbound. She goes by Rubaia M. Quill as a writer and works with various organizations as a motivator.


S.A. Khan

Executive director

A. Khan is poet, writer and content writer and goes by the pen name Meraki’s Quill. She was born and brought up in Saudi Arabia and currently resides in India. She is a college student pursuing bachelors in Psychology, Literature and Politics, and sees herself to be a clinical psychologist in future.



Managerial officer

 Antonio J Paul is affectionately known as InkMonster16 (Ink) on countless writing platforms He’s a poet/writer, who hails from the Caribbean. He also aspires to be a lawyer. and meet new people. 



Strategy officer

David Nelly Sekyi Offei is his name but popularly known as (David Nelly). A content creator, a critic , freelance journalist,writer , an entertainment pandict executive life coach and film historian.

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Anastasia Ofori

Business analyst

A poetess and lover of God, Ofori Anastasia is a Poet, writer, blogger and part of Earnestwrites Community.

She goes by the name Naa Dromor as a writer.


Risti Ghosh

Marketing officer

Risti Ghosh is a writer, editor and most importantly, a reader. A student of history, Risti aspires to gain and spread knowledge throughout her life.


More than colleagues, we are a family.

Awesome people

We are all about the culture

Just as we take pride in creating a supportive and thriving community, we take pride in the people we allow to help build that community. We only accept the best and brightest to join our team of experts. 


The best team with a drive like no other

The quality we look for in our team the most is drive. The drive to get our clients what they need, to support them and a drive to push them as writers and the brand to new heights. 







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