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Observation: A Source of Motivation.

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Many a time most writers of different genres complain of not having the inspiration and motivation to write. Meanwhile, a major source lies in front of them and everywhere they find themselves.


Observation is the action & process of observing something or someone carefully in order to gain new information. It is the action behind taking notice of a specific event and understanding the reason behind the event. It is fundamental to learning.

Imagine being completely unobservant about the world around you? You would probably be completely lost, dazed out and confused most of the time. Your ability to interact with people would be based on what you have learnt from school or probably read. You would be utterly “clueless”.

Observation isn’t just looking at something and  forgetting it. It is closely looking at something with your senses and having a mental note about it.

Observation stands for the necessity of watching how someone or something behaves and unfolds in order to gather data or for personal knowledge.

So here, we are looking at being really observant at society; the music we listen to, the movies we watch and how those around us act and perhaps even ourselves.

The truth is that very few people are actually fully observant of their environment and the people around them. 

Being observant is a natural human instinct that helps us constantly improve, become more competitive in our environment and simultaneously become more emphatic towards others, its a trait that has been embedded into the human mind for a massively long time but has become jarred in our modern society.

 This brings us to the question,

How can one be more observant?

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Become more curious

To observe is to be curious and accept difference. It is practically impossible to be observant of the people around you if you are not at all actually interested in people. We learn from each other, so observing the difference between you and other people is key to becoming a great observer, constantly asking why the difference exists is key.

Having the interest to know more and broaden our horizon is a great step to becoming great observers.


Improve your self awareness

Being aware of how your actions affect the people and the world around you can help in finding the cause and effect of your actions, making it easier to understand why certain behaviors have certain consequences. Identifying your insecurities and strengths and working on improving them more is a way you can become completely self aware. When you do this, you don’t get easily confused as to why someone acts weird or always hyper hence improving on your chances of becoming a better observer.


Stare more

Don’t be afraid to stare at things and people more, as long as you prevent being too “creepy”. Its a good way to improve your observation skills. We encode a lot more information from visuals than from spoken or written, so use this to your advantage when improving your observation skills.


 Ask yourself more “why” questions.

  Asking yourself at least 10 “why” questions a day about anything you see and hear during the day is a great way to becoming a razor sharp observer, it’s like an unending bridge, you keep your brain constantly hungry for answers to your daily observations in turn making you more engaged with your environment.

We just learnt how to be more curious. Remember? 

I would want us to have another look at why constantly asking why is key. 

Have you ever wondered why someone acted how he or she does? 

Have you ever wondered why your neighbor is always indoors and only comes out at night? ( An example) 

I’m basically asking if we’ve been asking ourselves the whys of why things go on around us.  

If we do this,  we would see that there is always an idea to motivate you to write a story.

I hope we remember this too right? 

Self awareness is an important deal when you lack motivation to write your stories. 

Getting to know how your action affects yourself and others can ignite a story. 

Or understanding the behavior behind people’s action could also provide  the same effect.

 Staring at something really helps when we’re looking for a source of motivation for our stories. 

Staring at how the guy in your neighborhood walks,  how that mad man acts, how that old lady behaves… doesn’t that give you an idea?

So doing this everyday,  imagine the number of ideas that would be coming up. 

 Imagine the story lines you’ll be developing each there and out.

Is that not a big source of motivation?

Observation stands for the necessity of watching how someone or something behaves and unfolds in order to gather data or for personal knowledge.

 Do you remember this? 

Putting this into practice, have we ever seen how someone behaves or something unfold and you felt that you could turn it into a wonderful piece?

 If you agree that observation is a source of observation, then you’d agree with me that :

Music ignites a story 

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Movies ignite a story 

Being alive is a story on it’s own as we see new things day in and out.

If you had taken a critical look and was more observant as we just learnt, you would have found a story in that  piece or book.

Do an estimate…

How many books did you read this month? 

How many movies have you seen? 

How many songs have you listened to?

Imagine the story ideas that might have popped up if you were more observant.

Observing is a basic human instinct and crucial to being human, when we stop observing we stop being curious and ultimately stop learning … 

Basically when we don’t observe there’s nothing left for use in our brain… So become a great and better observer today!

Thank you.

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