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Music And How It Inspires Writing

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You want to start a novel, but you have no plot or any basic ideas for characters? Don’t panic, relax and play your music! Take some time to yourself and play the first track your music shuffles to, listen to the lyrics, find a character, find a scene within the lyrics.

Music can be very deceitful, it could have a hidden meaning or a secondary meaning and that could be the key to you creating an awesome character or a unique scene. All you must do is put yourself in the shoes of the person who seems to be narrating the story hidden beneath the lyrics of the song. Try to think of all the possible situations that the narrator could be in, imagine how they feel, and try to figure out an explanation to their feelings.

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Once you have something that seems to interest you, try expanding on that idea.


If Your Struggling to Create A Story, Try This:

Put your music on shuffle then write down the first 5 songs, these could be your theme throughout the novel. Use the songs to find a story, you might be surprised by the outcome.

But what about writer’s block?

Well even the best authors get writers block or get frustrated with their stories. Music can help with that as well. Let the music you listen to dictate where your story is going. Is the protagonist going to fall in love? Is there going to be a sad loss, or a happy celebration? Find put by listening to songs.

Music can have their own stories woven throughout the lyrics, or a piece of music only can make you as a listener feel something. When I write I always write to music, sometimes the same song on repeat for a certain chapter or when I’m writing for a certain chapter. This can help me develop characters, relationships and scenes.

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So, whether you are writing for NaNoWriMo, or you are simply writing for your next short story or novel use music to help when your words are not coming out as you want them.


Just an idea?

To help anyone struggling with their next big idea I’ve shuffled my own playlist and here is the result, what ideas can you come up with?

Sia– Elastic Heart

Pink– What About Us

Aviators– No More Heroes

Carrie Underwood– Before He Cheats

Snow Patrol– What If This Storm Ends

Set It Off– Partners In Crime

You don’t have to use all the songs, just one could be enough.


Happy to share? Please comment your ideas!


Article by Belle_Dowson

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