Boakye D. Alpha

Boakye Dacosta Junior, affectionately called ALPHA among his friends and readers is an author, poet, editor, proofreader,blogger, student journalist and an entrepreneur.

He is currently, a student at Kwame Nkrumah University Of Science and Technology [KNUST] pursuing Bachelor of Arts, English.  His favorite activity is writing and he enjoys reading, music and movies when he is not writing.

He is the Founder of Earnesty Community - a Wattpad based community that puts together awards events, writing contests, reviews, and many more for writers on wattpad to help them to get the publicity they need and deserve - the community that brought up this website. 

He is the Founder of Ontherise Media Africa – a campus based media group that is run on a volunteer basis by students who have interest in journalism. 

He is a  brand ambassador for - an international writing and reading website that provide writers with the opportunity to publish their stories to reach more audience and receive valuable feedback. 

When he not writing, in class or the studio, you will most likely find him coaching new writers to harness their writing talents.

He believes that success is when you put your heart, mind and soul into even the smallest acts and this has been his drive since childhood. This has been his strength above all things. He does his maximum best in all he does and it is his heart desire to put a smile on the faces of the homeless, orphans and those in the deprived parts of the world and touch the hearts of many with his writings (poetry, novels and articles).


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Known by her fellow officials as Lucy, she started out as a humble judge at our very first Earnesty writer's awards, proving that hard work and dedication can accomplish so much if only you put your mind to it.

She has been writing poetry for most her life and only recently taking up writing literature when she joined Wattpad, she has no idea how she had lived so long without it. She is a creative mind that's had a thirst for knowledge that can't seemed to be quenched. She's bilingual and spends most her time reading, writing and editing.

Though she is on various writing platforms, EC is her home and Wattpad is where it all began. We are in a constant state of learning and improving, she encourages everyone she meets to start writing, finding a joy in it that she herself could not explain. Never give up, never back down, one day you will look back and see you just had to learn and grow from the experience.

Kanishma Ray

At the ripe age of 13, Kanishma Ray started her journey as a writer and critic working for brands such as Fandom101 and AWD on Wattpad. Currently pursuing her passion for modernist literature and creative writing, Ray takes a great deal of pride in her work and her knowledge of attracting the perfect audience for her blogs.


She used her passion and dedication for the craft of writing and co-founded Earnesty Community with the goal to guide writers through their writing process and bring them together in a place they could call home. Ray brings understanding, enthusiasm and creativity to her role as the co-founder to ensure that Earnesty Community and its projects reach all their goals with the excellence she aims for.

l. natalia

l.natalia is a 99' liner and an avid admirer of stories in all of its varied forms. She proudly carries her heart on her sleeve and world on her bedside table.

Being a lost soul, she is still on her journey to do something worth mentioning. Although, so far in her travel, she has taken interviews, made vlog, designed graphics, judged in a competition, written for EC magazine and proudly received a frying pan for her good character all through the years at high school.

Currently, she works as the contest department head at the Earnesty Community besides searching for her dream to pursue while dancing on the beats of music by BTS.

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Rubaia Khatun
Rubaia Khatun, known as Ruby among her friends, usually writes poetry under her pen name, 'Night'. She is the head of the Earnesty Community's awards committee and also the manager of the Shoot for the Stars (sfts) weekly awards, hosted by Earnesty Community. She is also a reviewer and judge of EWA'18, the annual awards hosted by Earnesty community. 
She has completed her Masters in English Literature and has a passion to learn new languages. She is also a trained classical singer and is in love with notebooks and pens. From this, it can be understood she loves bullet journaling too. 
She started writing poetries after reading T.S. Eliot's poetries and plays. Though she started with poetries, her debut as a published author is with 'Hearts Database' in the book, 'Unaltered Anectodes' where she has written a short story titled, 'Dark Night.'  She also collaborated with on 2018 with their book, 'Jeremiad of Hearts' where her poetry, 'The Burnt-out End' has been published.  
She also write novels and poems in various online communities such as wattpad and your quote. When she doesn't write or read, she loves to listen Beethoven's Symphony. The link given below is where she posts her poetries: 
Risti Ghosh
When she was forced to write a story as punishment at the age of 9, Risti could never have imagined that she would find her calling so soon. After that first taste, there was no turning back for her.
Her mind swirling with ideas, Risti probably has more than 10 drafts under her name. In the meanwhile she completes them, she has decided to lend her expertise to the art of editing. She has been part of many editorial boards, including Earnesty's, and has been the winner of many international writing contests. 
In the future, she hopes to pursue history and use her writing to contribute to the field. As for now, she lives with her various imaginary pets, and takes on the real world with her trusted fictional characters by her side.
Khushi Jain

Khushi Jain is an 18 year old girl who is currently pursuing B. Pharmacy from Guru Nanak institutions, Hyderabad. She likes reading and writing. She enjoys singing at times and loves music. She also likes learning new things and gaining knowledge. She's always on her phone browsing the net looking for interesting things to learn.

She has a strong hold on her beliefs and great self confidence. She knows when to be childish and when to be mature enough. She's also a budding author on Wattpad and is also running a blog at WordPress.

She's currently the head of the editorial department of Earnesty community on Wattpad and she aspires to help the community with her hard work and dedication. Earnesty community is like a second home to her and her co-workers. She loves and adores them a lot.

Shania N. Soler
Shania N. Soler is an aspiring author who has been writing since 2008. In the process she discovered a passion for reading and finding books that deserve more attention than sometimes given. It’s this discovery that led her to a chosen career path of Literary agent. Currently a first year student in University as an English Major she works with Earnesty Community of Wattpad to produce the Earnesty Magazine, a bi-monthly work brimming with articles. As a writer herself, she finds great joy in putting her work out there for others to read and get lost in. While in the process she’s won a National Gold Medal in novel writing with the Scholastic Art and Writing Competition and various competitions on Wattpad. In her final year of High School she also won a Thousand Dollar scholarship competition for University.
Nandini Warrier
Nandini Warrier, known as Nini amongst her colleagues, is a poet, and aspiring to be a lawyer. She loves to read, enjoys soothing music, and is fascinated by words and etymology.
She is currently a student of Kendriya Vidyalaya No-1, Jalahalli, studying in 12th grade Commerce.
At a very young age, she discovered that she is passionate about fighting for justice, and it is this discovery that led her to choose law as her future. 
When she isn't glued to her phone screen, she spends time by reading novels, writing poems, and understanding new words. 
Being a poet herself, she loves helping budding poets by encouraging them, and pointing them towards the right direction, hence she works with Earnesty Community of Wattpad, as the Assistant head of book club(ec_poetry).
After reading the works of Khalil Gibran, a famous author and poet, she was inspired to write poems, that were mostly on the genres of passion, and realities of life. 
She is currently working on making videos for the community's vlog, Earnest Writes.
She resides in Bangalore, India.

Jalissa is a Grad student pursuing a Master’s in Cybersecurity. She’s previously worked with victims of crime as a coordinator and as a system administrator before shifting her focus to writing. She placed as a top ten finalist in the TNT will contest and has self-published. With her love for all things tech and coding, she is bound to bring a unique perspective to writing.


She has a secret love for anime, manga, books, art, and of course music. When she’s not binging on Supernatural or blasting the latest track from Apocalyptica, she can be found hiding in her humble abode of fantasy concocting stories of her wildest imaginations. Stay updated with the latest news at

Kashvi Dikshit

Kashvi Dikshit, called Kash among friends, is a high school student residing in Bangalore, India, who aspires to be a professional singer someday. When she's not holding a guitar and singing, she likes to read teen fiction and fantasy novels. Apart from singing and reading, Kashvi also excels at dancing, art, graphic designing and writing, preferably poetry or teen fiction. 

She has been into books since the tender age of four, her favourite book at the time being Oliver Twist. It was, however, the first book of Harry Potter that piqued her interest in writing, which she read at age 6. She has been writing poetry since the age of 5, the earlier ones being about her mum and dad and flowers and sunshine. Since then, she has changed her writing style over the years and now prefers incorporating the struggles of growing and the ups and downs of life into her works. She got into writing novels at the beginning of middle school. 
Her poetry book on Wattpad, 'My Heart On Paper', has won several awards and she has a number of interviews posted across Wattpad. She recently also won 'Wattpad's Got Talent 2018' hosted by Wattpad's very own Music account for her commendable perfomance in singing. Her works have been featured in her school's magazine and she has also won multiple awards in the field of English.
Kashvi is also a growing graphic designer, with her designs being used in various Wattpad novels. She started designing graphics at the beginning of middle school. She, however, prefers her fetus designs to never be talked about. She has grown a lot since then, discovering new styles and techniques every step of the way.
She believes that being a part of Earnesty Community has honed her writing skills and it is a quite wonderful experience being part of a family that helps her grow into a better writer. Kashvi works as the Head of the Graphics Department, Graphics Supervisor of the EC Magazine, Magazine Writer, and an EW Writer at Earnesty Community.
You can find her writing page on Instagram at @kashmesomedepresso. Her music handle on Instagram is @kashvimusic. On Wattpad, she goes by the name @LifeAsKashvi and her Twitter handle is @kxshvi, although, she admits that she'd almost forgotten that she owns a Twitter account.
She also has a second account on Wattpad, @TheStarCatchers, which she shares with her best friend.
Her YouTube channel is Kashvi Music. For official enquiries, reach her at