Let Her Stay Silent 

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Let her stay silent

Or else, she’ll turn violent.

As the anger surges through,

She wonders if this is true,

She takes a sip of water,

When she’s on the verge of manslaughter,

You keep asking her- ‘what’s wrong?’,

While she keeps chanting- ‘keep calm, i’m strong!’

You command her to woman up,

And ask her to speak up,

If only you knew,

As her anger grew,

You ain’t got no clue,

That her inner hulk is due.

She’s about to unleash,

“Don’t talk to me, please!”

She pleads,

‘i just wanna flee

From this catastrophe!’

She feels herself go numb

Heavy breathing,

Her silent screams are deafening

Go find yourself some sheathing,

’cause her temper’s kinda heating.

She wants to give some black and blues,

Yet she tries to keep her cool,

You urge her more to say something.


She sits,

Then lays down

‘Cause she’s about to break her crown,

The crown of ‘PATIENCE’,

A sudden mutation.


She tries to stay all chilled,

Keeping all them nerves intact,

When all she wants to do is a slap

It’s in moments like these,

She makes herself Terese,

She’s on a patience spree

Give her some applause,

Oh dear, Oh please!

So hear me out when i say,

Let her stay silent,

Or else she ‘ll turn violent.

By Hijabi in converse

Instagram account-poetry.tavern

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