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Invincible Quill Poetry Magazine – August Issue

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Read the July Issue and you are hyped up for the August issue?
Well it will be out in a few days!

And what is this issue about?

Welcome to the second issue of Invincible Quill. In this issue, we focused on the day that many of us may dread — back to school.

For many, we think of stress, anxiety, and drama when we think of school. We here at Invincible Quill wanted to change that.

School can be a stressful time, and the worst thing any of us can do is let stress win. Stress should never make you sick. Because of this common feeling, inside you will find an article specifically targeting stress and how we propose to beat it.

We also have multiple poems written by members of our staff and submissions from you, our wonderful readers. We’re so excited to feature these pieces — your creativity is a vital skill that you must cultivate.

Once more, we have various quotes and prompts by some of your favourite authors scattered around the magazine.

Speaking of authors… inside you will find an exclusive interview with one of the heads of Earnesty Community, Ruby. Her work should not go unnoticed, and we knew very early on that we wanted to interview her.

No matter what part of the world, or what level of school you’re in, know that we’re here for you. Keep writing, and stay creative. The world needs you.

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Click on the link below to Sign up to get this issue and or to download the previous issue!

Have a great day!


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