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Interview With Alexandria Quinn – Author of Behind Closed Curtains

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On the interview list, today is Alexandria Quinn, an award-winning author of the Behind Closed Curtains book and other stories. 

 an actress from sunny Florida who loves dogs, FRIENDS, and semi long walks on the beach. She’s been acting for 13 years, five years professionally, and often use her acting background in her writing.M

Her novels all follow along the path of being romantic thrillers/mysteries as well as being centered around a forbidden love. Forbidden love has always drawn her interest as the stakes are so much higher than in a normal relationship, and also so much more exciting. 😉


Now, lets get to the interview!

How long have you been writing?

  • About five years.

When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

  • When I could no longer find books that I wanted to read, so I wrote it instead. I’ve been a goner to the written world ever since!

Are you a full-time or part-time writer?  How does that affect your writing?

  • Part time, as I’m a full time actress. I work in the big theme parks where I live and am performing multiple high energy shows every day. Finding time to write is often a challenge with my work schedule.

How do you find or make time to write?

  •  It was a lot easier to keep up with writing and an update schedule when I was  a nanny and would write every day during the kids nap. Lol Nowadays, I strive to get at least one chapter out per week and have a notification on my phone that goes off every Monday that says “Find time to write, bitch.”
  • It tends to help remind me when I have breaks during shows to write, like I’m using my time now during a break to answer these questions. My schedule is pretty flexible and whenever I have a night off, I dedicate it to writing. Any night off that I don’t have any other plans with friends or my boyfriend, I force myself to write.
  • Having a vast amount of readers waiting for an update or to be disappointed if you miss your update day helps a ton, too. The guilt is strong. Lol

Why did you choose to write in your particular field or genre?


  • I’m a hopeless romantic through and through. Everything I read and write has to have some element of romance, or else I’m bored. On the flip side of the coin though, if a book is centered only around the romance, I’m also bored.

    That’s why I stumbled into romantic thrillers for my works as there’s always a secondary plot that’s not the romance that helps propel the characters forward and puts several obstacles in their way. I like my characters to work for their happily ever after. They have to earn it by going through hell and back first.

My readers hate and love me for that. 😉

How Do You Come Up With The Ideas For Your Stories?

  • I daydream A LOT. I also get inspired by the songs I listen to. I came up with the idea for Behind Closed Curtains when listening to the song Cut by Plumb. I see characters almost in a music video of sorts in my head while I’m driving listening to these songs, and those music videos turn into book ideas.
  • If I can outline an idea completely, then its gets turned into a story. If I cannot, then it’s usually not enough to be a story on its own and I combine it with another idea that’s in the same boat.

For those interested in exploring the subject or theme of your book, where should they start?

  • If we’re talking about Behind Closed Curtains, that book took a lot of research and understanding. To get into the mind of the abused not only took a lot of patience and an open mind, but a great sensitivity.
  • I talked to multiple victims of domestic abuse and people who suffered severe anxiety. I would write passages and send them to those people to get approval or feedback on whether it blended with their past experiences or not.
  • My current book is about sex trafficking and that alone forced me to put hours into research on that business. I would say to anyone trying to write about a topic that is sensitive to any degree, do your research and talk to people with similar experiences. BUT, also know that not everyone’s experiences are the same and not everyone is going to agree with how you portray a topic.

Take what you know and have learned, apply it and be respectful and aware, but also remember that you cannot please every reader.

What did you find most useful in learning to write the genre?  What was the least useful or most destructive?

  • Romance is subjective and that’s both a blessing and a curse. Like I mentioned above, you cannot please every reader and something I’ve learned from writing romance on WP, is that not everyone is looking for realism in this genre.
  • A lot of the readers will understand both MC’s and love them both equally. Some female readers though, usually younger readers, only ever side with the Male MC and only care about him. If the female MC dare not jump into his arms the moment he offers them to her, she’s an awful and ungrateful person and she doesn’t deserve him.
  • There’s a big double standard for women even in books and I’m very surprised that a lot of it comes from women themselves. In the book I’m writing right now, the female MC has gone through a massive tragedy, was kidnapped, her mom died, she was abused physically and sexually and watched someone close to her die for her. She’s got a lot going on. Lol She’s obviously not okay emotionally or mentally and she’s dealing with a lot of hurt. YET, some readers will comment “I know she was abused, and kidnapped, and molested, and her mom died, and this super important character died in front of her, but she’s really being really unfair to the male MC by not kissing him in this scene and if she doesn’t get over it, then she doesn’t deserve him anyways.”

I have to fight the urge to scream when I see comments like that. Lol

From start until the end, what’s your favourite part of writing a book?

  •  The tension, both sexual and emotional. Tension is the best part of romance hands down and is what keeps the excitement building and the readers intrigued.


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What inspires you to write?

  • Art is a big part of my life in every way. Through my acting, dancing, and now writing. What inspires me are the characters in my mind that I wish were a role in a play or movie I could be a part of, but since they are not, I write about them instead. By doing this, I’m getting to play out their journey even more so and live what they live through my words.
  • Every one of my female MC’s, I put myself in their shoes because they’re a role I’d like to play and through that desire, I find the inspiration to write.

Have you ever experienced “Writer’s Block”?

  • This is going to sound awful, but no, I haven’t. Fingers crossed that never comes! I think planning and outlining my novels really helps keep the writers block at bay.

A common misconception entwined with authors is that they are socially inept, how true is that?

  • Not at all for me personally. I’d be a pretty awful improv actress if I was socially inept. I think that any career can have people who are socially unaware or nervous and that to center that only on authors is wildly incorrect.

What is some advice for new writers?


  • You have to love your characters and your story. If you aren’t excited about the story, then your readers won’t be either.




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*Featured in Wattpad Block Party 2017*

Acting is Leah Johnson’s escape from a painful reality. Very painful.

Twenty-one-year-old Leah Johnson’s world has become rather isolated since she started dating Zach three years ago. He likes it that way because then the focus is on him, and if her attention to him wavers, his fists are quick to refocus her. Leah hides to survive, hides the bruises and her shame and relishes in those fleeting moments when she’s on stage and deep within the mind of another character. Those are the rare seconds where she feels safe; a feeling that’s become all but foreign to her.

Yet, issues arise when one of her charming co-stars, Kaleb not only has too keen an eye to Leah’s bruises but also stirs something inside of Leah that she had pushed so far down over the years she thought it had disappeared entirely.

Hope for a Zach free future.

But Zach isn’t the type to let go of something that he believes belongs to him. In fact, he’s willing to kill to keep it.

Interview by Boakye D Alpha

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