Imagine You Met Yourself by Ebenezer Adu Asare [Twelfth Hour]

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The reactions I received the very first time I asked a couple of friends that, “Imagine you met yourself?”, was weird. It seemed I was out of the world to ask such a question. Well, I throw the same to you, dear reader before you embark on this ride, ask yourself, “Imagine I met myself?”. The how should be a bigger question, I guess for many, and for some even if possible, why would I want to?
Imagine You Met Yourself, is a narrative piece with a great blend of literary dishes, the metaphoric, rhetoric, and the likes blended with a touch of imagery to propel you into a world of great literature. The didactic piece, the poet acknowledges paints a message of the need to fan in an atmosphere of love and appreciation for oneself.
In Imagine you met yourself, the persona feels he has denied his inner being love for some time. He wants to meet himself, and apologize, and strengthen the lost him. He knows one day his inner being would meet the Creator, but what he does today is a factor to determine his standing.
Learn from the persona here, look at yourself and tell yourself what you had always wanted to say to Yourself!!
What it’s all about: The poet, dishes out a story of a young man who wished to meet himself. Could it be ever possible?
A spoiler the poet claims it is to give a further gist of the poem. Read to the end to find out for yourself if it was granted. I hope you learn a lot from this piece. Enjoy!!

Imagine You Met Yourself.
Loneliness spew its nastiness unto my wrinkled mood,
Ages past and in my corner I lay, newness of atmosphere spared me not a visit,
Memories piled in cracked crates of sorrows, as I reflected upon them daily,
Then a flash of thought hooked me, love have I denied myself all this ages.
I ought to meet myself, apologize to the lost me, make memories time can’t steal,
Freshness of breath I pray, nature will breathe on me that day!
Yes! Apologize to the lost me, the broken me, only nature can describe
Then a new age parades itself in, full of uncertainties.

Marching into the future with love man can’t count,
None but myself can love myself to the extremities of my wish.
Garden of roses will I plant myself, pluck the best of all time, feed myself with the lost smell,
Rot in it’s unrealistic castles with service of slavery of a jailed love,
Never will my soul yearn and wait for flowers sprayed with expired and sour love,
Thoughts of meeting myself one day took over the moments,
Time cocked it ears to the inks of my diaries, will my wish be granted?
My God isn’t a genie, prayers he answers not wishes, So I learnt.

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Never will the impossible fold into reality, walking into a future full of love for oneself,
Forgiving the past, and speaking my way forward.
There I was, admiring the beauty in the mirror,
Cleaning and wiping him with tears of innocence,
He seemed to be full of life, life, you may wonder,
Echoes of zombielike sounds trumpeting its way through the glass,
Holding on to the mirror, trembling like I were before the Lion King.
Dilemma I’m torn it, waiting on the moment to see what nature got?
Fleeing the moment and forgetting the mystery?
Then I remember I’m powerful as my thoughts,
Reminded nature rewards words, pulling them into motion,
Sigh, my GABA stealing over the moment,
All I can recall was the flash, the flash that rolled up everything,
A Wish of Impossibilities come true; walking out, he stared into this bloody filed ball,
Seeing him in my eyes, touching him with my bare veins,
There I stood with him, dream of the century had folded into reality,
Lost in pools of thoughts, I know he remembers all the Secrets.
The countless conversation we have had all these years, they seemed to thread into life,
Laughs of painless Truths, hardened tears I’d bathe him all these years.
A second I dare not waste, apologize to the lost me;
Speak the Life I’d wanted all the billions round.

Ablaze nature went, wild jubilation, evolution repeating itself.
Out of the window, the sun blushed!
An opportune time to shower myself with the love I’ve never received,
Once more, gazing into the blood filled eyes of him, yeah me;
Touching the hardness of the life of his palm, holding onto him with security of joy,
I found myself meeting myself.
Racing out of the room with him to spend the day with this beautiful soul,
Echoes of silence snoring into the steps, he wouldn’t follow,
Back to the Mirror he stood, a statue of lifelessness,
Stares of fright lightening up his face, he’s got boundaries.
He was just a reflection!! Sunk into the atmosphere I never realized.
Beginning to fast into memories, farewell he bid; stepping into the mirror,
Laying it down to the sleep it deserves, the moment rotting into ferments of dust,
A chance, I wasn’t spared even to say a bye.

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Broken! everything seemed, looking down the reflections of light,
Lightening him up everywhere, yeah myself,
Shoes, silvery surfaces, sparking up his face, I couldn’t hold it any longer.
Nature sparing me not a second time, a teaser I would call.
Rolling of stones down the foot, Peebles jumping at fall of my tear,
Skies folding into wrinkles of a stained smile, defeated and lost I am declared.
An Afternoon Haunt coming down in a day, feeble the heart had crippled into,
Racing down the foundations, finding myself at the Riverside.
Speaking to the birds, doing all I could to forget the sorrowful morn,
A gift nature could shower on me, after an afternoon haunt,
A quench of thirst, a waggling tongue yelling,
There I bend over the river; surprise nature has packaged in disguise.
A stretch of hands waving, here we find ourselves again,
Wow!! I’d met myself again.

Flowing with such beauty, in drips and drops as we talk,
Memories worth repeating, we talk of our childhood,
How People had walked in and out of our lives, we vow to be together
Together, that we will stand to fight for a real circle of souls,
With such royalty, I stretch to have a hold him as a sign of bound.
But, so soon the reality all splashed into thin air,
Myself was untouchable, he was just a fluid full of life,
He had limitations; he was gone, yes, gone forever, myself was gone.
A reflection, the wish had granted in falseness of fate,
So soon, worth it at least was the time we spent together.
Ever enough to live the future on.

Darkness knew not time, it pulled over slowly,
Ushering into a new world of unrealistic realities, I drown in the night.
Calmness, a blue cake floating lazily in the skies trumpets,
An inner peace, I’m being granted.
Strength of joy from the day’s memories engulfs me,
Speaking to myself, I trot back home.
Time does harm, energy red-flagged, head bent.
Surprise of the evening, a black me, a dark me
Walking down my paths, an evening haunt begins,
Immortals seem to rule this path, a heavy black blanket pulls over,
Gallivanting like a threatening rain, series of proud talks rains down a figure
He appears faceless, gigantic, flexible than any man exists,
Accommodating the morn’s schema, I face the night.
Brightening up, he sounds like the star the shepherds followed,
An allusion I guess, he walks behind, praying he hits off the ice on the silence,
Signaling not to talk, he whispers, ‘‘I’m you’’,
Embracing my fears, I find myself swimming in realms of love with the him,
A word he never utters, but lovely he is,
Crickets roars only seemed to be a reply,
Drunk in thoughts, he takes the opportunity and flees!

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Thoughts of spending the night with myself, pulls me into the world of Impossibilities.
A third time, I’d met him, limitations he’s also got, gone forever.
Don’t force me to recount the experiences, I’ve got them repressed,
Down the hall I see a dinner, one prepared to warm the night.
Candles lit to light up a home of fear and untrue memories,
There my shadow projects, stretches and covers the walls.
‘’Can I meet you once more’’, I plead.
Wishes upon wishes it seems but I meet myself again.
A Royal dinner, flooded with swarms of angelic armies of romance.
I fall in love with myself, challenged to grow through the night,
He is bigger and irregular on the walls, so the world sees me, I reason.
Torn between growing through that moment with the Irregular me or wish for another day,
What if it never comes, the candles gently singing into wax.
Walls go blank, and lights shut their gates.
He leaves with them, the last of him I guess.
Nature calls me into the land of sleep, goodbye.
I know I will meet myself, yeah but in a soulful form one day;
With my maker, but will it be worth meeting?


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