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Get Off Your Lazy Donkey And Write!

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We all have those days, the days where you just have the feeling to give up. Your book is getting nowhere, everyone hates it, you’re experiencing writer’s block, ect.. You have no feeling of motivation. Of course, we also have those days where you feel on top of the world. You’re getting so many pieces of positive feedback and you’ve gotten so far having written two chapters in a day!

But here’s the thing: If the only time you ever write is when you’re feeling on top of the world, I’m sorry to tell you but your book won’t be getting anywhere. How often are the times you feel on top of the world compared to the times you feel like giving up?

It’s very unlikely you feel on top of the world about your work if you never write. Why don’t you write? Well, you don’t write because you don’t feel motivated. I’ll let you in on a little secret: Everyone starts somewhere. Every big-time author out there has started out small just like you. All of them had their days of depression, exhaustion and giving up. They all made it through those phases and you can too!

So, get off your lazy donkey and start writing using the motivation tips I’m about to hand over to you. Before we get started though, these tips came from YouTube videos which I’ll link down below as well as Pinterest.

1.Don’t get it right, get it written.

It doesn’t matter how horrible the first word or introduction is – that’s the beauty of the writing process. After the ROUGH draft comes revision and editing. That’s when you can go through your writing and take out all the cringe-worthy trash that you don’t want and delete it or change it. It might be hard to go back and read through it, but it’s better to get something written than to sit there and stare at your blank paper or computer screen. “Write Without Fear and Edit Without Mercy.”

2. Be realistic

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This has to be credited to my health teacher who says it’s good to build self-esteem but I think it’ll fit writing motivation too. No offense, but you won’t be the next J.K. Rowling or the next Stephan King. It’s probably a probability of one in ten. You don’t need to write for what the fame will bring you, you need to write for you. The concept of writing is to get your story out into the world, not to tell a random story that’s fake and created (You get what I’m saying. Yes, I know what fiction is.) just so someone will buy your book. Writing the first draft is you telling your story, not the public telling it to you.

3. Take note of your achievements

This is probably one of the ones I find to be the most important. You might have not won a publishing deal or whatever it is you were or are aiming for, but along the way of writing, you are bound to get some sort of compliment. Take note of these. Whether you write it down on a sticky note or you take a screenshot or whatever you do with it, make sure you remember it! When you’re feeling as if you’re falling into a pit of self-induced writing depression just take a glance at the awesome compliment you’ve gotten and remember, people love your writing! Even if your mom was the only person who has given you awesome feedback, hey, everyone has to start somewhere.

4. You’re not alone

Come on guys, you are NOT the only one reading this article. You might be the only person among your group of authors friends who openly talks about how they aren’t feeling inspired, but that might be because they don’t want to admit it. If you don’t have friends that you think you’ll be able to relate to, well there are always the awesome writing communities online. There are groups created to help inspire each other. YOU AREN’T ALONE!!! Everyone feels the way you’re feeling at times, they’ve just found their own way to deal with it. Talk to other people for moral support before you do something stupid and harm your book!

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5. Get off your lazy donkey and go out and explore

I swear that if I ever meet one of you guys and I find out that you ruined several years of your life sitting in front of a computer screen just staring at it, I will personally kill you and then bring you back to smack the living life out of you again! You think you don’t have the motivation to write? Well, how the heck do you expect to have ideas if all you do is stare at your blank screen?! What is it you’re going to write if that is all you see? This, “And so John stared at his blank computer screen and watched the clock slowly tick its numbers up the scale, one by one. By the time he realized what he was doing, an hour had passed. He knew that if he didn’t write anything his mother would kill him. Again, he continued to stare and stare . . .” Man, I fell asleep just writing this. Seriously, go out and explore! Go to the beach with friends (If you don’t live by a beach still go out with them, it’s an EXAMPLE for a reason), maybe one of their idiotic actions will inspire your next plot point which will finally lead you to the climax point in your story. If you stay indoors you’ll get no inspiration and next thing you know your next book will be staring that cockroach in your kitchen that you stared at for hours as it crawled aimlessly around your floor.

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Again I’ll link the youtube videos where this awesome advice came from and as for the Pinterest pins just search up WRITING MOTIVATION and a bunch of tips will come up. Seriously, the same pins came up for me every time.

And after reading this you still aren’t motivated, well take this next sentence as motivation from yours truly.


-Julia H.R. This is by Jenna M. I love her and her personality. Fair warning though: she has the tongue of a sailor. Well, since I forgot which video it was that I watched over three months ago, here’s Vivien R.’s awesome profile.

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