Foiled by Fatokun Ibukun [BluesBoy]

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…Sitting like a lifeless wood
Beholding the flames from the candle
Staring at the mirror; the covering of his feinting hood
Holding the jug lifelessly at the handle

He hear the bat calls; night falls,
Couldn’t control the tears from his eyes
Dog bark at the phone calls—
He was too frustrated to rise

The phone kept ringing
But didn’t bother to check the ringer
Perhaps the creditor and his renewed smold’ring,
Life to him is nothing but a stinger

He shook his head and bit his tongue
He remembered how he’s lost all due to his error
His ears could only perceive the Retreat gong
It’s the only way to save him from terror

He put off the candle light
It’s now or never, the time to (blissfully) ‘sleep’
He stood up as he tried to control his last plight
Wasn’t really ready to give his true lover a slip

But, he went to the veranda
A brawny leash he went to get
He wrote a letter for his friend Miranda
He wouldn’t want himself to be hindered due to love and its fret

He moved inside
To the parlour’s ceiling he firmly tied the rope
“Goodbye cruel world” was his last scope
His last solitary words came and he commit suicide.

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