Editors and proofreaders


Level 1 edit

A “Level 1 Edit” helps to prepare an already well-structured manuscript of any genre for publication. This is just a basic “fixing” of grammar and spelling, but doesn’t include rewrites or restructuring.


Level 2 editing

A “Level 2 Edit” is recommended primarily for manuscripts needing attention to organization, presentation, and sentence structure to clarify meaning and smooth the flow of the text. It fixes story, flags bigger issues, and is more ‘in-depth’ than just plain editing.

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Level 3 edit

A “Level 3 Edit” includes 3 stages of writing and rewriting, with a final pass before print

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Copy editing

Level 1 copy

Basic proofreading, this is just for typos, grammar, errors. 

Copy editing

Level 2 Copy

Level 2 copyediting includes Recommendations for improving the structure and flow, as well as review for consistency in grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

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Copy editing

Level 3 Copy

Level 3 copyediting for  authors who want intensive editing and assistance with the most fundamental aspects of their manuscripts. With this service, a professional editor will focus on basic sentence structure and overall composition and suggestions to improve both the content and technical elements of the book.


Client's Feedback

EW is a platform perfect for writers both amateur and professional, they consist of a team of strongly driven judges. I am glad to be part of their journey with many surprises as well as amazing ideas for all readers/writers.

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Author of Irreplaceable You

If you are a write and seeks a community of similar minds and passion, then Earnest Writes is where you should be… An online community with so much dedication and passion for writing.. You don’t have to be a guru to join, every master was once a student


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