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Developing A Strong Writer’s Esteem.

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Before we delve into the main dish, let us look at some appetizers or terminologies in this topic.

Esteem has many definitions but we will look at (3 ) different meanings.

1.Within Maslow’s hierarchy, Esteem refers to people’s desires to have a stable and realistically positive evaluation of themselves.

2. General definition : Esteem means how we value and practice ourselves.

3. Mariam Webster defines esteem as the regard in which one is held, especially high regard.

In all, what these definitions are trying to tell us writers is that we need to have a good positive feeling about ourselves, then move on the value factor and finally, holding our heads up high.

Who is a writer?

A writer is a person who writes (articles, stories, books, etc.)

Develop | Definition of Develop by Oxford Dictionary.

Develop is to grow or cause to grow and become more mature, advanced, or elaborate.

Hence,what the topic is basically trying to tell us is that as a writer, we should enhance our self esteem.

With the opportunity of self-publishing thriving, more and more writers have emerged and a saturation of content have become so natural. More than just asking ourselves how to produce great quality work, we now have to face the question of how to stand out among the crowd as well.

To do this, one of the most significant attributes to have is a strong writers esteem.

Here are some five (5) tips, I call them my secret ingredients that have helped me in my journey as a writer.

  1. Understand the learning process.
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You might be wondering what this means.Though it sounds cliche, it makes the saying no less true: Writing is a learning process.

A learning process is a time for inspiration, experimentarion and preserverance.

Consequently, the output of writing practice allows you to create more established thoughts.

Realizing this as a writer helps keep your esteem in check because you know it is a process.

  1. Read to learn

Yes, read to learn!

We have a lot of people who read for fun and not to gain something but as a writer, you need to read to learn.

In order to have a strong writers esteem, you need to fill up your knowledge bank.

Consider it a privilege to have incredible amounts of reading materials at the tips of your fingers.

When you read to learn, you give yourself potential to discover new ideas and it sparks creativity hence making you confident.

  1. Give yourself a break.

Yes, my lovely writers, you need a break when it is much needed because your mental health is very important and expensive.

Take a break, relax, reminisce and come back stronger and better bursting with confidence.

  1. Find a trusted writer community

Being in a writing community where your craft is recognized and people are ready to help you shoots up your esteem.

It allows you to explore and learn more.

So find yourself a trusted writing community that can help hone your craft.

  1. Celebrate the little victories.

Rarely do writers find success overnight so one way to develop a strong writers esteem is to celebrate the little victories you attain in writing.

An example may be completing an anthology, a novel, even writing a poem where people relate, creating deep contents and articles.

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Remember to celebrate because it takes hard work and dedication.

Savoring the victories along the way helps you to preserve through the doubts.

By: Anastasia Ofori

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