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Punctuation in Poetry

  So, today will be quite interesting.   I’d give a rundown on Punctuations & Line Breaking In Poetry. Few years ago, a friend asked me to edit some of her poetry. I jumped right in, completing sentences, capitalizing words, and adding periods, commas, and question marks where they were supposed to go. But something didn’t…


Let Her Stay Silent 

Let her stay silent Or else, she’ll turn violent. As the anger surges through, She wonders if this is true, She takes a sip of water, When she’s on the verge of manslaughter, You keep asking her- ‘what’s wrong?’, While she keeps chanting- ‘keep calm, i’m strong!’ You command her to woman up, And ask…


Her Blossom

Inside her soft soul A bud of pale spring awaits To bloom in due time Her petals lustrous Delicate and special Beauty of life Nature’s elixir A woman of a special blend Hiding secret scents Under star filled skies Drawn to thy nightly darkness She stands luminous by AwSprite


A haiku poem by Alexis Winters

Before creation there was an endless void where a  fallen god wandered. For centuries he was by himself. Until from the darkness came chaos. The chaos took the form of a pretty young woman – the friend he longed for. Within the God’s  eyes she could see the creation of the first ‘verse. A land…