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Book Review :Aesop Fables

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 I will be reviewing a book called Aesop Fables which is a collection of fables accredited to a Greek fabulist called Aesop.

He was known to be a slave who lived in Greece and this book has the insights and values of people from thousand years ago. The main characters in this book are animals and the story for discussion today is the Wolf and the Lamb.

The wolf represents the people of high authority, the rich, smart and the government. While the last represents the innocent people of low authority, the weak and the poor.

This fable has imprinted some lessons in the minds of readers.

Some of which are:
• Unjust people will always find an excuse to be wicked.
• Do not allow wicked thoughts to consume you when making a difficult decison.
• Because you are tall and mighty does not make you right always.
• Look for solutions with the appropriate method and not the bad way.

Review by Naa Dromor.

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