Bitterness by Ohanwe Praise [Praiz]

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An entry for the ‘Poetry Prize Awards ’20 ~ People’s Choice Awards’.

I stood before my mirror,
Staring at the one who shamelessly stared at me
The image of myself reflected back to me
Totally different from the one i used to be.
A husk of my former self, a shadow is who i have become. Could this reflection truly be mine?
Hollow eyes, sunken cheeks, expressionless face;
No more beauty in the things that used to matter.
But with the weight on my shoulders
And the pain i’ve refused to let go,
Its not truly surprising my skin feels like parchment.

She came to me in the stillness of the evening,
While i lay on my bed reminiscing
My mind an overactive 3d recorder cum player.
She appeared to me as an angel of light
Her long flowing robe a superimposition of colors.
She appeared dainty – to be desired
But under that robe was a gangly, heartless devil.
Her delicate figure appeared totally harmless
But under the delicacy a hard-hearted dominator.
In her hand was a beautiful sash
The same sash she mystically transformed into the chains that bind my soul to hers.

Her mouth is an abyss of spiky shackles,
Spewing out of it words of evil incitation.
Her well-proportioned teeth are all daggers
With which she holds her victims as a vampire.
Her tongue just in the similitude of a serpent;
Cunning, crafty – knowing what not to say and then saying it.
In the unguardedness of my introspection she spoke-
The enthralling voice watering down the impact of her words.
As i meditated on and regurgitated the hurt i felt,
She swooped in;magnifying the minutest of details.
She skillfully made the molehill appear as a mountain,
Artistically blowing out of proportion the things that did not matter.
She carefully suggested I hold onto them,
“Could you possibly forgive this…” she asked.

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In her hand she held a scroll and quill
With which she ticked off her points as she spoke.
One, two, three… The list was endless –
A million reasons why i could not let go.
Strapped to her hamstring under her toga,
Was a carefully disguised penknife with which she daily carved away huge chunks of my soul.
I was helplessly under her influence!
But as I watched the one who annoyed me progress in life,
It dawned on me that with her I had just wasted my time.
So i made a deal with forgiveness,
A covenant with love,
And decided to move on with my life
Free of Miss Bitterness’ chains, words and influence.

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