Writing Prompts

Prompt 12: Time Capsule

Genre: Thriller The discovery of an eighty-year-old time capsule has left the kids of Ye Ran High School in perplexity. There was something off about the withered letters neatly stored in them… They seemed to have been written blood. Oddly enough, only the MC and their friends seem to have noticed it yet. What happens…

Writing Prompts

Prompt #11: The Blue Planet

Genre: Science Fiction   Your character lives on a planet other than Earth. In fact, they don’t even know Earth exists. Well, they didn’t until a space mission went horribly wrong and their pod ended up crashing on Earth. What is this weird planet? How do people here not know what lies in the darkness…

Writing Prompts

Prompt #10: Grim Reaper

Genre: Fantasy/Paranormal    I’ve hated myself for too long, but apparently nothing can put an end to my misery. How ironic is it that the one who craves death more than anything, is the Grim Reaper himself?   Please feel free to share the whatever you could come up with this prompt in the comments…

Writing Prompts

Prompt #9 – Less Alive

Genre: Fantasy/Horror  Your imaginary friends are turning real day by day. Only, the more real they are, the less alive you feel. Please feel free to share the whatever you could come up with this prompt in the comments below, we’d be happy to see!

Writing Prompts

Prompt #7 – The Duplicate

Genre: Science Fiction/ Thriller   “I’m the copy of the copy. The original piece is in the lab, they’re about to destroy it.” “So you’re here to save it?” “No. I want to make sure they destroy it.” “Because…?” “That version is the cuter me.”   Please feel free to share the whatever you could…

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Finding The Right Motivation To Write

Finding the motivation to write can sometimes be a difficult and daunting task. On more than one occasion you might have found yourself looking at a blank piece of paper, willing the words to just magically appear, line after line. Only, you all know as well as I do that, that’s just not how things…

Writing Prompts

Prompt #4

Genre: Fantasy One fine afternoon, you fall asleep on your writing desk. The next thing you know is that you’re stuck inside your own story, and every character inside the story has been replaced by a contrasting personality from your own world.   Please feel free to share the whatever you could come up with…

Writing Prompts

Prompt #3

Genre: Drama/Humor  Character “A” has double personality type that they’re unaware of. The twist is that the personality is always different when using a particular object associated with them. Like a reading glass for example; the person is their usual self with the glasses on and a completely different person without them.  What happens when…