Artemis Fowl: Review

Review written by Risti Ghosh INTRODUCTION: “The story began several years ago, at the dawn of the twenty-first century. Artemis Fowl had devised a plan to restore his family’s fortune. A plan that could topple civilizations and plunge the planet into a cross-species war. He was twelve years old at the time.” Artemis Fowl is…

Writing Tips

The art of creating dynamic characters

Written by: Harini Shree Every writer aspires to bring out their book with a new story and make it a best seller. They never fail to create characters with different attitudes. ‘Characters’ in a story are the ones who give life to the story. A writer holds the responsibility of shaping these characters into remarkable souls…

Writing Tips

Writing Is Not A Set Goal

Written by: S.A. Khan Many a times people complain about lack of motivation or encouragement or even desire to write anything at all. They have stories and plot lines running in their mind, its all brimming and enliving but when it comes to penning them down…they simply can’t do it anymore and simply loose passion….

Writing Tips

Writing character descriptions in First person POV

Written by: HARINI SHREE The stories get more interesting when a reader focuses on the characters in a narrator’s perspective. The protagonist gets more importance in this case. A person reading a novel expects some emotions to be raw so that they can feel the same emotions the person who is experiencing it is. This is satisfied in a…

Writing Tips

Writing An Interesting Act II

Written by: HARINI SHREE Wondering how to make your screenplay interesting? Are you planning to write an interesting screenplay? Then you may have encountered various struggles while writing it. If that’s the case, then here are some tips to enhance your second act. An elusive second act should adhere to the rising action of a…