A haiku poem by Alexis Winters

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Before creation there
was an endless void where a 
fallen god wandered.

For centuries he
was by himself. Until from
the darkness came chaos.

The chaos took the form
of a pretty young woman
– the friend he longed for.

Within the God’s 
eyes she could see the
creation of the first ‘verse.

A land of gods, grand
heroes, magical creatures,
humans – together.

She wished for a ‘verse.
One much better than the first.
One for her and him.

First she used the chaos
to create the barren lands of
sand – where creation stems.

Here she created the first
Child who would protect the lands.
Fazluna – the storm.

Fazluna watched the
Sky, waiting for the old gods
To invade the world.

Unhappy with the
threat of war, the chaos goddess
created a great barrier.

With no more worries
the goddess, Acacia, once
more began to create.

The world sprang to life
With thousands of colors which
Dotted the new gods’ lands.

Now, Acacia and
the fallen god, Baalim, ruled
this world – their Kingdom.

Things were peaceful,
and all lived in harmony
for a thousand moons.

Creation continued,
and the world became diverse,
all were unique.

And then, one stormy
night, a great atrocity
transpired – peace was gone.

War reigned in this time,
and the two rulers took their
sides. Themselves at war.

Baalim believed in
humanity and fought at
their side as leader.

While Acacia
Did not. Humanity had
Created all of this pain.

With all of beastkind
at her beck and call, she went
to war against man.

At the battle of 
The Dying Sands, a child gave their
Life to save the beasts.

Acacia so touched
By the act of true kindness,
ended the destruction.

The gods split the world
And they used the pieces to make
Each of the new worlds.

And to each world, she
Created the mighty crystals – the
Great magical source.

It is this which we
Call the Genesis of the
Second Universe.

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