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9 Fun exercises to improve your writing skills

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It’s not like we all are born Shakespeare or Charles Dickens, so it’s always better to seek help and sharpen our skills.
A platform like Wattpad is an amazing place to start cultivating your talents. So this article that I came across from the site FluentU, was very fresh and new. And I would like to share it here.
It was about these simple exercises that would help you to improve your writing skills.

Number 1: Vocabulary story
I feel this is an amazing way to broaden your vocabulary. It’s always nice to have an admirable vocabulary. This exercise is simple, all we have to do is to write a story with a minimum of 20 new words that we find in a dictionary or the net.
By doing this task, we will know how to inculcate these words in our sentences. Also, writing it down would activate a different part of our brain, which helps us to remember them better.

Number 2: Picture story
This exercise is my personal favorite. In this task we have to get a random picture, it may be from a magazine or from your social media and after observing the image closely we will have to try to describe it through words.
By doing this we would learn more about adjectives, feelings and perceptions.

Number 3: Structured summary
This exercise is something which we all do, that is when we watch an interesting movie or a series and we describe it to our friends. But here is the twist, instead of telling it orally we have to write it down in a structured manner by using:
(Somebody) wanted……but…….so……..then
I know its weird, but when you write it down everything will seem right.
We will be able to explain a complex idea in a simple sentence through this task.

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Number 4: Devil’s advocate
Yes, the name sounds pretentious. But trust me, this method would amaze you. So in this exercise, we should think about some topic that we truly believe in and try to write it down from an opposite point of view.
And what we learn from this task is actually a life skill that is ‘empathy’. This way we will understand how the other party feels about the situation. Aside from that we will learn how to express ourselves in a different perspective.

Number 5: Idiom soup
Yes, we all like to add one or two idioms in our day to day conversations. You will be surprised to know when you try to write it down it seems more proper. In this method we have to write down a story with maximum usage of idioms.
And what we learn from it is yet another life skill ‘confidence’. Yes as cliché it may sound that’s the truth when we try to use it in our conversations or when another native uses them, we will be able to understand them and that’s one hell of a confidence booster (see what I did there).

Number 6: First lines
It is proven that the first line of any story is the captivating essence of a book. And it’s always important to keep your readers in the hook. In this method we will have to come up with several first lines that include catchy metaphors and funny comparisons.
By doing this task we will how we can formulate a compound sentence without including unnecessary information and also helps to express ourselves more clearly.

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Number 7: Story of my life
Let’s get one thing straight we all like a good gossip, we like to talk about ourselves or about others. So in this method you will have to write about an experience of yourself which should start in the past and end in the future.
And what we learn from this task is that we will learn to use correct verb tenses and also a proper way to describe a situation.

Number 8: How to breathe
As Zen-Z it may be this exercise is very amusing and a little difficult. In this method we will have to write a day to day activity which we do mindlessly like tying shoe laces or walking. Though it sounds simple, when we try to pen it down it might be laborious.
And this is what we learn from this task that it will help us to organize our thoughts better and we will also learn to use common words.

Number 9: Silly job interview
Last but not the least, we all have a good laugh about a past experience where we are interrogated by a person who is being silly and fickle minded. In this exercise we will have to imagine ourselves being in a similar situation but more of a professional themed and write dialogues of both the parties (the job applicant and the boss).
And what we learn from this task is the practice of writing dialogues and focus on how people speak differently.
And that marks the end of the overview about this splendid article that I came across. It’s truly helpful and I guess it would be to all of you as well.
These exercises may sound mindless and irrelevant, but please to give it a try. Some may even surprise you in a good way.
Thanks for reading, hope you liked it!

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